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Finding Gratitude

With holidays around the corner, most families strive for a seamless unfolding of festivities, meaningful times and happy memories and moments. Opportunities to lighten moods with positivity and high energy amongst the family ensemble. These classic fairytale depictions don't necessarily hold true for most. Given the current and ongoing challenges that continue to challenge diverse aspects of human experiences, it's not farfetched to infer that negativity can overwhelm the season and make it challenging to continually fan the fire of hope and new beginnings.

It's important to be intentional over the coming holiday season; reset our perspectives via ideas such as mindfulness and gratitude practices.

Finding gratitude is a classic reset button that's never out of fashion and it is contagious! When we show thankfulness for what we have for instance love and meaningful companionship regardless of the size and location can be very impactful and memorable. Focusing on what we have can strengthen the "can do" view and motivation for the next moments, the next chapter, and the next year. 

Merry Christmas and a meaningful 2023.

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