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Find mental health support in Calgary for children, youth, and teens.

Registered children’s psychologist in Calgary
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Children bear the brunt of mental distress just like the rest of us. They experience feelings of self-doubt and low self-esteem, they struggle with mental health conditions like anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder, and they feel grief after experiencing loss. 

With the help of a licensed child psychologist near you, your child can work through these problems in a safe, nurturing, and constructive way.

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Help your child work through school and peer-related problems

School and peer relationships are a common source of stress for children, youth, and teens. The pressure to get good grades or fit in with friends can be too much to handle and sometimes leads to issues with self-esteem, stress, or anxiety. Work with our children's psychologists who have the necessary training and experience to help your child navigate these hurdles.

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Give your child the support they need in times of family crisis

Family disturbance and major life transitions such as divorce or relocation are stressful for everybody, but when daily routines encounter significant disruption, children almost always suffer the most. Schedule an appointment with our child psychology clinic and help your child get past crises or change and move on to the next stage of life with a bigger, brighter outlook.

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Work with a licensed child psychologist

Develop sustainable, long-term solutions and help your child build their confidence and mental strength with the help and support of our children's psychologists in Calgary.

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