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Learn to cope with work and life-related stress, burnout and anxiety.

Overcome burnout
& stress with a Calgary stress psychologist
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The stresses of work, school or day-to-day life are challenges that nearly everybody has to overcome at some point. Sometimes it’s difficult to face them alone. Get help with stress and burnout from a licensed stress psychologist, today.

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Individualized support and treatment in Calgary

Stress doesn’t just affect the overworked. It attacks everyone from high school students, stay-at-home moms, high-level employees and business owners. Your circumstances are unique to you. Your treatment for stress and burnout should be as unique to you as your circumstances are. Dotun, a Calgary stress psychologist, provides clients with individualized support and tailored treatment approaches that suit their specific needs.

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Ongoing prevention techniques

For most, stress isn’t a one-time occurrence. Without effective coping techniques, stress, burnout and anxiety can return. While working with Dotun, a stress psychologist in Calgary, you’ll identify triggers that cause you stress and discover ways to preemptively prevent them from getting the best of you.

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Talk to a licensed stress psychologist in Calgary

Overcome burnout and find new ways to cope with stress in your life, whether you’re struggling at work, home or school.

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