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Solve complex workplace issues with the help of a licensed stress psychologist in Calgary.

Harassment & bullying in the workplace
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If you’re facing harassment and bullying in the workplace at the hands of your peers or superiors, it can lead to mental health issues that negatively affect you at work and at home. Look after your mental health and trust our stress and workplace psychologists, to provide you with support as you work through issues such as bullying, harassment or workplace stress.

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Stand up to bullying in
the workplace

Facing a bully at work is never easy but with confidence and the right techniques for de-escalating tense situations, you can learn to cope with workplace stress. Our stress and workplace psychologists can help you find the strength you need to put a stop to bullying in the workplace while offering you support. We'll help you to work through the negative emotions, stress and anxieties that commonly follow workplace harassment.

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Build trust and confidence in your relationship

Workplace stress stemming from bullying, harassment and other toxic situations can be hard to overcome, even if you part ways with your employer. Using techniques from cognitive behavioural therapy, solution focused therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy, we can help you learn to effectively cope with the stress and anxiety that results from workplace bullying so that you can get your career back on track.

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Get through the most difficult days at work and learn to effectively deal with workplace bullying and harassment with a Calgary-based therapist.

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