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Get through life’s hardest times with professional grief counselling in Calgary.

Grief counselling
and support
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When we lose a loved one, either through death, divorce, or other major life transitions, it can feel like we’re facing the hardest times in our lives. Work with our team of grief counsellors who have helped Calgarians accept and work through their grief in a comfortable and encouraging way.

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Learning to cope with your grief

We all handle grief differently and learning to overcome it is a different experience for everybody. Trust our Calgary psychology clinic to help you better understand your feelings, practice safe coping mechanisms and honor your loss in ways that foster your mental wellbeing. 

Whether you’re struggling with the loss of someone close to you, your career, your own health, or something else significant, our grief counsellors in Calgary can provide you with the insight you need to get through this difficult time.

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Navigating major life transitions

Grief is often associated with death or loss but it can also occur when we experience major life transitions such as moving away from home, switching careers, divorce, or becoming a new parent. Work with our team of therapists in Calgary to better understand the causes of your grief and the various ways you can navigate life’s transitional periods.

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Don’t face grief alone

Work through grief in a supportive environment with the help of a licensed psychologist and grief counsellor in Calgary and start working toward a brighter tomorrow.

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