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Improve family dynamics and effectively manage family crises 

Trusted family therapist in Calgary
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No matter how much you love each other, family can come with its own set of challenges. Do you find that yours is constantly fighting or has your family recently experienced a major crisis? Family counselling can help strengthen the bonds between you and those you love most. Get the help your family needs to discover ways to carry on after major life changes or crises such as loss, moving, substance abuse problems or divorce.

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Get to the root of family concerns

Struggles within your family unit can occur for almost any reason. In many cases, family members don’t recognize there’s an issue until it’s too late. In family therapy, work through problems as a group and gain a stronger understanding of the events that led to the current situation. Sessions led by family therapists in Calgary, will help you and your family members successfully uncover and work through the root cause of the struggles.

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Proven treatment approaches

Our Alberta family therapists apply the principles of Bowenian Family Therapy, a treatment approach that embraces each family member’s individuality and works to improve communications within the family unit. Using Bowenian therapy, in combination with other tailored approaches, our family therapists are committed to helping you and your family break toxic patterns, develop healthier boundaries, and improve communications with one another.

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Schedule a family session

Help your family overcome the greatest challenges by contacting our office today to schedule a family counselling session. 

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