Calm Sea



A Starting Point Towards Self-Understanding

I offer various types of assessments such as Psycho-educational assessments - Intelligent Quotient (IQ/giftedness), ADD, ADHD, Parenting Capacity, Custody, as well as other socio-emotional and behavioural needs. I provide professional and comprehensive psychological assessments to children, adolescents and adults. I also provide families and school professionals with pragmatic information that can support overall daily life functioning including learning, personal development, and general well-being. For parenting and custody related assessments, I provide comprehensive assessments and reports using diverse psychological measures. The outcomes from these assessments also provide the opportunity to identify areas of strength and growth. Get connected by proposing a meeting time that works best for you.


A More Relaxed and Healthier Mind

During each therapy session, we’ll collaboratively work on managing or resolving current challenges and intentionally practice the skills that contribute to a healthier mind, reframing  and flexible thinking skills, and a change  in choices and behaviour. I will collaboratively support your efforts to “re-frame” your reactions and provide you with practical tools to cope with and manage life’s challenges. I’m confident in our ability to work together and co-create a personalized counseling experience that is beneficial, encouraging, and empowering. I support adults, children (age 5 to 12), adolescents, students, couples, and family. Let's connect. Propose a meeting time.


Productivity, Life and Work Balance

Are your team members overly stressed or burnout? Is morale low and you want to support improved work balance experiences?  I can provide services like lunch and learn or workshops that are tailored to aid the expansion of skills that promote the practice of a healthier life-work balance. The health of an employee's mind is vital and can impact the corporate culture, resources, goals, and community. The benefits of a pool of healthy minds are priceless to the corporation, team members and each individual employee.  Contact me and let us collaboratively build a sustainable life-work balance for you and your employees.


Removing Barriers to a Healthier Mind

Life and schedules happen, and in Calgary weather happens! The Online Counselling option is effective for :

  • Clients who reside in areas where access to resources and services are limited.

  • Individuals who want counselling support, however, busy schedules, work hours, challenging logistics, child care are restrictive barriers to accessing services. 

The option of online Counselling is currently only available to residents of Alberta and Yukon. The secure platform for this service is GoToMeeting. If the online or telephone counselling suits your current lifestyle, please connect by proposing your preferred time.